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Sat Feb 23 00:29:32 UTC 2008

On 02/22/2008 12:37 AM, Leonard Chatagnier wrote:
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> Will not affect me; have no laptop. What's a VNC?

Apologies; that should be "VPN's" (Virtual Private Network). That said,
you'll have the same problem with connecting VNC's (Virtual Network
Connection) as well if you have dhcp address conflict issues.

> that puts me as using vnc catagory. Should I used
> "briged" or not under this circumstance?

No. Your device is both a modem and router/firewall. In my case I use a
distinct DSL modem (Speedstream 5100b) and set it to bridge mode and let
my router (Cisco/Linksys BEFVP41) do the rest.

>> myothercomputer
>> my-laptop
>> mytestserver
>> mywindowsmachine
>> myserver
> I'll even add the extra IP's(only one on each machine
> for me, of course). This is new to me.

Pretty simple to do. I don't think you have more than 2-5 systems, so
write down the IP address for each on a piece of paper and then add the
appropriate addresses in your file.

>> 5. For Gutsy machines: remove & purge apparmor - at
>> least until the bugs
>> with cups & pdf-printer etc., are worked out.
>> Besides, apparmor is
>> primarily an enterprise security application & I've
>> found that (for now
>> anyway) that it is much more trouble than it is
>> worth in a small home
>> network.
> Ok. Is this why I can't print from the remote computer
> to the shared printer or is it most likely a setup
> issue?

Could very well be. I've not checked the apparmor bug list lately, but
last I did apparmor was creating havoc with cups and cups-pdf. I finally
just got disgusted with the "feature" and purged it from all my systems.
Check the buglist for apparmor to see if it may be causing problems for

I'd also check your setup if you are having share print problems. Change
your links to your newly established fixed IP's and unless you've
screwed something up all should work just fine. If you still have
problems printing from one to another, just use IPP instead. So for
instance if your target printer is on, in the Device URI


> Just using the mount cmd to learn. I prefer the

Well *don't*. Just get your stuff working *first* and then if you want
to screw it up with a 'learning' process do so. But at least get it
working normally *first*.

> machines if it sticks. How do you get the desktop
> icons? Just drag them from the file browser window to
> the desktop?

No. Then will automagically appear on the desktop as soon as you finish
Places|Connect to Server.

>>   It's really quite easy to do, all you do is
>> Places|Connect to
>> Server|Windows Share| then:
>> Server: (example)
>> Name to use for connection: MyOtherMachine
>> - Connect
>> Bingo, I now have a desktop icon to MyOtherMachine
>> and in Nautilus I
>> have a network MyOtherMachine network folder.
> Ooops, spoke too quick. I could use ubunti-desktop if
> I have to but do you know the k-menu command? 

kbuntuntu list is that-a-way ===> :-) Sorry I only use Gnome.

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