Help needed on new Everex Cloudbook Laptop, Please Help

Jim mickeyboa at
Fri Feb 22 16:37:24 UTC 2008

Just recieved new CloudBook and already got X problems.
Starting CloudBook, Get to point of starting X and then it pops back to 
'shell' and gives me a error message:
"Nohup: appending output to "Nohup.out" , then jumps back to startx and 
then back to shell with error message, it just stays in that loop.
Until i do a ctrl-alt-del the first thing it shuts down is  GDM , then 

Then I go into  'recovery mode'.

There are no EE in Xorg.0.log. ( the 'vesafb' driver is what is being 
use in this laptop)
It has a Via Tech CX700M2 Unichrome Pro II  chipset, but there is no 
Linux driver for it.

Checked out /var/log/messages :
Last entering in messages is : BlueTooth: RFCOMM ver.  1.8
Then about twenty lines that keep repeating:
oem kernel:  eps:  current Voltage= 812mv
                     eps: Current multiplier  =8

Then,  oem  exiting on signal 15

That's it.

There is no other way to reload OS on this laptop , but to pull hard 
drive and put into another Laptop, reinstall OS and then put back into 
the CloudBook. Then there goes the Warranty.
It will not support a External  USB CD/DVD drive for booting off of.
I tryed to put a thumb drive in usb port and it prevents laptop from 
booting, just locks up.
I would greatly appreicate any and all help, if I have to send it back 
to Everex there will be about a three week turn around.
If I can't fix Cloudbook on my own

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