Low end PC as home server, what package should I install?

Brian McKee brian.mckee at gmail.com
Thu Feb 21 18:27:44 UTC 2008

>  > > If this sounds ok, what about I move a step forward by installing a RAID
>  > > adapter and run disk mirroring? Are there any such adapters (PCI bus)
>  > > that are supported by Ubuntu?
>  > Ubuntu supports Linux RAID so you don't even need any special hardware
>  > to make a RAID array - it works with software only.
>  Isn't this a little low speed for a software raid? Software raid is a
>  high resource hug as far as I know.

Software RAID isn't a resource hog really.
I was running RAID 5 on four 8G (yep - OLD) drives on a Celeron 500 last year
to get used to how it worked, and I got better performance with the
RAID than without.
Writes are slow, but reads were actually faster,  and it didn't affect
CPU load noticably.

Yes, real expensive hardware raid doesn't add any load, but even the
cheap hardware RAID
cards use the CPU, and it's not much for the suggested use.  Heck,
that machine will be
99% idle anyway.  Home servers don't do much work except during backups.


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