BIOS problem?

Karl Larsen k5di at
Wed Feb 20 21:16:33 UTC 2008

    Using 'fdisk' I find an impossible situation. I have this hard drive 
that is /dev/hda and that is fine. In BIOS it is the first HD in the 
list. Way down the list is the second HD which is a SATA drive and must 
be plugged into the proper SATA header. For some reason 'fdisk' in this 
Ubuntu calls this HD /dev/sda!

    I have mounted a partition from the SATA HD /dev/sda7 to this system 
and copied the whole system to the SATA HD. But grub gets confused. It 
can't seem to see the SATA HD. I can't get grub to boot the new Ubuntu 

    Has anyone else solved this kind of problem? It may be just a BIOS 
problem brought on by the fact that SATA is a band aid added to the BIOS.



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