Problem in Add/Remove Software - Problem solved

Rich Rudnick rich at
Mon Feb 18 19:40:42 UTC 2008

SPS Khokhar wrote:
>  Hi Rich!
> As i stated in my last mail, my problem has been solved.
> now i can download any software from gui add/remove program.
> The problem was that i have not mark the required server in the bottom
> left "preferences".
> ubuntu 7.10 is really a great distro.
> Please tell me that is there any auto scheduler present in ubuntu which
> itself i.e. without asking me, will delete all data from
> /var/cache/apt/archive dir, if so how can i disable it?????

Yes, there's a scheduler in /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/20archive. It's set to
delete debs that are over 30 days old, and to keep your deb archive
below 500mb. You can comment out those lines (add # to the beginning of
each line) to keep all downloaded debs, unless you clean them with
apt-get clean or apt-get autoclean. (or delete them manually, of course).

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