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John Bowden j-alan at
Sun Feb 17 21:59:34 UTC 2008

On Tuesday 12 February 2008 05:46:02 Wayne Smith wrote:
> Anybody have any pointers about how to setup a slave drive???? I just
> want to use it separately from the Filesystem as storage for my files.
> I put it in the computer and formatted it with QTParted. For some
> reason, though, it's not listed in Computer, and I have no idea how to
> mount it up otherwise and use it.

Hi Wayne.
I have been lurking in the back ground on this thread. Can I make a suggestion 
for when you re-install Ubuntu. When you get to the partitioning section 
choose "custom" and make your /home directory a separate partition. Then when 
you re-install in the future for any reason then you can tell the installer 
not to format your /home. That way all your personal files and setting will 
Last week I managed to mash the file system on my notebook. My new kitten sat 
on the power button and turned it off during a kernel update. When I turned 
the notebook on and booted up Linux could not read the file system, but a 
live CD distro could. To fix this all I had to do was re-install telling the 
installer not to format /home. Then after the first boot all my personal 
files and setting were there. Even the programs I have set to start up when I 
log in (mail program three PDF books I'm reading) started up.
 While you are in the partitioning section of the installation you can also 
tell the installer to place (mount) your spare drive under /home/your log in 
name/name for slave drive partition. For example I have put a spare drive in 
one of my PC's and mounted it /home/john/shared120Gb. My home directory looks 
something like this

I hope this is not too long winded and helps to make things clearer.

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