Slave Drive (resend)

Karl Larsen k5di at
Sat Feb 16 16:43:45 UTC 2008

Wulfy wrote:
> Wayne Smith wrote:
>> The master drive (drive A) is where I have Ubuntu installed. I am trying 
>> to use the slave drive (drive B) separately from the master drive as 
>> storage for my files. The reason why is so that my files will be safe 
>> should I ever have to reformat the master drive and reinstall Ubuntu. 
>> The slave drive seems to have mounted separately, but the mount point is 
>> in /media/slave under the filesystem.
    Your current Ubuntu will not be running when you re-install so the 
hard drive on /media/slave/ will not be mounted. Therefore it will be 
impossible to format the Slave with the Main hard drive.


>> My question to you is: Even though it is listed in the filesystem, will 
>> the slave drive be affected if I have to reinstall Ubuntu on the Master 
>> Drive??? And, if it will, how do I separate the two drives from each 
>> other???
> In any Linux system, there is only one file system.  Everything that can 
> be accessed must be in that file system, hence it's mounted somewhere.
> When you format a *partition* (not a file system), it's not part of the 
> file system any more, until you put that partition back into the filing 
> system by mounting it.  In fact, formatting *creates* the file system to 
> use.
> Bottom line, if you don't format the partition with your /home directory 
> on it, it's safe.


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