Printer invisible thru USB-switch

Tom Rausner tom at
Fri Feb 15 23:35:02 UTC 2008

Hi NoOp!

fre, 15 02 2008 kl. 10:09 -0800, skrev NoOp:

> This appears to actually be a USB hub of sorts:
> <>
> and is a "legacy" product... meaning ATEN probably no longer support it.
> However, in addition to the information requested by Kristian, can you
> also please check these:
> 1. Check your bios settings and see if you have a setting for 'legacy
> usb' or similar. The US401 is a USB 1.1 device, and if you are only set
> to handle 2.0 it may not get recognized.
> 2. Check your System|Administration|Printing settings. Your printer
> should be on a usb Device URI. Example; my Canon MP750 is on
> canon:/dev/usb/lp0.
> 3. Does your system recognize the printer if it is directly connected to
> your system without the US401?
> Does it recognize it via the US401 if the Windows computer is physically
> disconnected from the US401?

Thanks. I'll look into this.


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