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	I've just set up Ubuntu Server 7.10 & VMware Server.  I want to
disable unneeded services in Ubuntu to maximize the performance of
VMware, whats the best way to go about that?

Review what is installed "dpkg --list" and remove what you KNOW you
don't need. Another place to start is /etc/init.d to see directory what
services are installed.
In practice I believe you will only gain very minimal improvements by
disabling services. I would do this only from a security point of view
or when the server is actually maximally loaded (when you should rather
consider upgrading).  
VMWare takes quite a performance impact from virtualizing hardware. So
ensure you:

	Use VMWare drivers, as they can 'avoid' using hardware emulation
and take a more efficient route.
	Reduce requirements for hardware resources. Make sure you have
sufficient memory for caching.

Also monitor system load and performance. Ensure you don't spends hours
on winning virtually nothing.
If your virtualizing only Linux, you could attempt the Xen route, which
makes use of paravirtualizaiton, avoiding the hardware emulation steps.
In all cases, you will pay for virtualization. Only the price varies.
- Joris
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