compiz on 7.10 KDE?

Ranmadhu akamad+linux at
Wed Feb 13 22:06:36 UTC 2008

stan wrote:
> Unfortunately that is pretty much the only machine I use Gnome on the rest
> have KDE. Can I use compiz with the KDE environment in 7.10? If so, how do
> I do it. I found and installed the compiz-kde package, and I can even see
> the settings tool from the KDE menu, but, even after logging out and
> restarting my session I don't see any effects.
> What am I missing?

Make sure that compizconfig-settings-manager is also installed, as 
you'll need this to configure any of the settings. You should then run 
compiz --replace in the command line and this should get it running.

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