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Wed Feb 13 04:11:46 UTC 2008

NoOp wrote:
> On 02/12/2008 06:24 PM, Leonard Chatagnier wrote:
>> --- Willis Taylor <gods-servant at> wrote:
>>> I have been very pleased with the support team for
>>> Ubuntu and my first 
>>> full fledged Ubuntu machine is running very well due
>>> to the help of the 
>>> folks on this forum.  I thought to be fair I would
>>> test Kubuntu 7.10 on 
>>> my other machine and did a duel boot there.  I seem,
>>> however, to be lost 
>>> on the Kubuntu and it seems to be less developed. 
>>> The driver on this 
>>> system for my ip4300 Canon was a snap but the only
>>> Pixma ip printer 
>>> supported in the Kubuntu is the model 4000.
>>> I'm considering erasing the partition and installing
>>> Ubuntu on it also.  
>>> I can't seem to get any answers to amount to very
>>> much on the other list 
>>> and you gents are Johnny on the spot.  What should I
>>> do?
>> To each his own. I came to ubuntu from kubuntu for the
>> same reason you did.  I prefered the kubuntu-desktop,
>> seemed easier to use than ubuntu desktop, no flame
>> intended. I am currently using ubuntu-desktop and
>> getting used to it because of either a flaky alternate
>> cd I burned or a flaky computer and having to install
>> all the programs piece by piece. I can't comment to
>> intelligently on you driver problem but know there are
>> drivers other than cups which may have it but let the
>> experts have their say.  Personally I have Ubuntu
>> installed with the Kubuntu-desktop added and can use
>> either one as I choose.  This comes in handy when I
>> get instructions that I can't readily relate to in
>> Kubuntu, then I just switch to Ubu.  I may be wrong
>> but I would think that the module/drivers would be
>> available to both.  Can't go wrong by having both. 
>> Have fun,
> And that's the beauty of Ubuntu (you can install both). I *much* prefer
> Gnome, but use multiple kde apps (Krdc, Kexi, Kstars etc) on Gnome
> without any problems.
> For Willis: cups supports many Pixma printers now - I have an MP750 and
> previously was using TurboPrint. However after cups added the MP750 I've
> just been using that. If you have a problem in kde getting the printer
> going (you shouldn't), try installing it in Gnome & when you switch to
> your kubuntu desktop it should be there - I don't think that switching
> to a kde desktop will change the cups printer settings.
I'll boot that machine in DR DOS then and see if I can get rid of just 
the Kubuntu, leaving the WinXP for now and since I have the KDE desk top 
and the printer is there on both desk tops I'll just do the same there.  
I.m not going to cause a non recoverable GRUB error and lose the WinXP 
before I'm ready, am I.
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