Telnet Server installation failed

Derek Broughton news at
Mon Feb 11 20:58:24 UTC 2008

Ted Hilts wrote:

> Derek Broughton
> You wrote: "Sigh..."
> After all the replies I asked myself why it was not obvious.  The reason
> is that in my wildest dreams if the package was not on the server disk
> then why would it be any where else. 

I completely agree with you.  I was trying to express a general
disappointment, and not blaming you - I _know_ that new users aren't going
to find it obvious.
> I still have to find the instances of Telnet and associated libraries
> that were created from Debian and get rid of them. 

That's not difficult.  "sudo aptitude purge telnetd" should handle it.

> But to answer your question, make your installation more comprehensive
> by putting references to all these repositories in the "sources" file
> but include usage remarks and comment out the references to the
> repositories. 

It's so many years since I had stock sources list, that I can't be sure, but
I really thought the default was like that.

> But even then how would one know that the Telnet Server 
> was in the Universe repository without examining the repository by
> getting a listing of all its contents. There should be a comment to the
> effect that if a package is not available it might be found in the
> Universe repository. 

And that could be really easily done with the "command-not-found" package,
which intercepts an attempt to run a program that doesn't exist and
suggests "apt-get" - it certainly should also suggest that the repository
may need to be enabled - but that's only useful if you actually run the
correct command in a terminal

> Maybe then there would be fewer newbees like me 
> doing dumb things.

No, they'd just be doing different dumb things :-)  And you sure don't have
to be new to do dumb things!

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