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Peter Garrett peter.garrett at
Mon Feb 11 07:06:37 UTC 2008

On Mon, 11 Feb 2008 01:08:38 -0600
Willis Taylor <gods-servant at> wrote:

> Thanks for the help but when I tell it to install the NTP software it 
> says it needs I receive the following;
> W: Failed to fetch 
>   Could not connect to localhost:4001 ( - connect (111 
> Connection refused)

Umm - are you using some kind of proxy? It's trying to connect to your own
machine ( is your loopback interface),  on port 4001 - it should
be grabbing the ntp package from , which happens to
have the IP addresses below:

$ host has address has address has address

What happens if you start Synaptic ( System - Administration - Synaptic)
and hit "Reload" ?


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