Another WIFI Issue Re: Linksys WMP54G V4.1

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Sun Feb 10 20:00:50 UTC 2008

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Leonard Chatagnier wrote:
> Now, /etc/resolv/conf, only contains an entry for
> localhost and doesn't have the necessary info it needs
> to connect.  That info is:
> search
> nameserver
> which has been in every computer in my network that
> was able to connect.  Now, in Ubuntu's infinite
> wisdom, has made "resolv.conf" only accessible via
> script to add the correct info.  When sudo could
> access the file and add data that the script wouldn't
> ovrer write, I could simply add the info and be on my
> way to connecting.

No they haven't.  When I sudo I can edit that file.  Maybe check out
"rkhunter"?  Is someone messing with you?  This isn't very clear.

> Well, not to rant more, what must I do now to add the
> above necessary info? BTW, I don't read script, have
> read the man's, googled on it and cant't figure how to
> do it. I've even added the search gateway and IP
> address to my hosts file, probably wrong thing to do,
> and hasn't helped.  I need a solution to get my second
> computer on line.  Thanks for any howto info,

How about...

System Menu --> Administration --> Network

Then add your info on the DNS tab.


Or is your problem that DHCP/NetworkManager settings are overwriting
your changes?  Then stop using NetworkManager - in the same place as
above on the "Connections" tab highlight your adapter, click the
properties button, turn off "Roaming" mode.  Make the same changes on
the DNS tab that you need and either assign yourself a Static IP or
choose DHCP - your changes on the DNS tab should now stick.

Yes that doesn't really turn off NetworkManager.  If you want to do that
it is a simple Google search away.

- -d

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