Another WIFI Issue Re: Linksys WMP54G V4.1

Leonard Chatagnier lenc5570 at
Sun Feb 10 21:20:39 UTC 2008

--- David Vincent <dvincent at> wrote:

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> Leonard Chatagnier wrote:
> > Now, /etc/resolv/conf, only contains an entry for
> > localhost and doesn't have the necessary info it
> needs
> > to connect.  That info is:
> > 
> > search
> > nameserver
> > 
> > which has been in every computer in my network
> that
> > was able to connect.  Now, in Ubuntu's infinite
> > wisdom, has made "resolv.conf" only accessible via
> > script to add the correct info.  When sudo could
> > access the file and add data that the script
> wouldn't
> > ovrer write, I could simply add the info and be on
> my
> > way to connecting.
> No they haven't.  When I sudo I can edit that file. 
> Maybe check out
> "rkhunter"?  Is someone messing with you?  This
> isn't very clear.
I guess your right. When I said what I did, I was
referring to the fact that it would be overwritten as
it say in the file itself so I figure it would never
see the corrected on rebooting.  Maybe I don't have
your insite to understand how to permanently modify
the file to what it should be.  I'll accept any clues.

> > Well, not to rant more, what must I do now to add
> the
> > above necessary info? BTW, I don't read script,
> have
> > read the man's, googled on it and cant't figure
> how to
> > do it. I've even added the search gateway and IP
> > address to my hosts file, probably wrong thing to
> do,
> > and hasn't helped.  I need a solution to get my
> second
> > computer on line.  Thanks for any howto info,
> How about...
> System Menu --> Administration --> Network
> Then add your info on the DNS tab.
I've already done that but using KDE's network manager
as I use kubuntu-desktop.  Sorry, I didn't mention

> ?
> Or is your problem that DHCP/NetworkManager settings
> are overwriting
> your changes?  Then stop using NetworkManager - in
> the same place as
> above on the "Connections" tab highlight your
> adapter, click the
> properties button, turn off "Roaming" mode.  Make
> the same changes on
> the DNS tab that you need and either assign yourself
> a Static IP or
> choose DHCP - your changes on the DNS tab should now
> stick.
I've essentially done that on the adaptor but let the
above paragraph sink in real good and I'll check it
out again.

> Yes that doesn't really turn off NetworkManager.  If
> you want to do that
> it is a simple Google search away.
I wouldn't know that anyway.  I actually perfer the
GUI' as not good with if- and iw-conf on console. 
Actually this is my first attenpt to set up a network
on my on.

Leonard Chatagnier
lenc5570 at

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