Getting Skype webcam working SOLVED

Karl Larsen k5di at
Sun Feb 10 16:24:06 UTC 2008

Paul wrote:
> On Feb 10, 2008 7:49 AM, Bart Silverstrim <bsilver at> wrote:
>> Gerald Dachs wrote:
>>> Am Sat, 09 Feb 2008 20:55:30 -0500
>>> schrieb Bart Silverstrim <bsilver at>:
>>>> Karl Larsen wrote:
>>>>>     Well FEDEX arrived with my new referbished webcam And I knew it
>>>>> was going to be good. When I plugged it in a light in the webcam
>>>>> came on. On Skype I selected Options - Video Devices and where it
>>>>> says Select webcam it reads  (/dev/video0).
>>>>> When I press the test in the black square it shows the image from
>>>>> the webcam.
>>>>>     So to get a wbcam to work in Ubuntu you must have the right
>>>>> webcam and the one above is right. It cost $20.00
>>>>>     All of you who thought you should be able to get the other
>>>>> webcam I have working are wrong.
>>>> Okay.  Everyone on the list now knows that if it isn't something
>>>> listed on the known-good-out-of-box list, get something else that is
>>>> and all difficulties will be gone.
>>>> Damn.  Guess we don't even NEED this list.  Karl just solved all of
>>>> our problems in perpetuity.
>>> :)
>>> The problem is only that his information are not very useful.
>>> At least the first ten pages in google searching for "Logitech QuickCam
>>> EC" let not show up a single shop where you can buy one. Either it
>>> is too old, or it sold by another name.
>> I know I was being snarky in response to something that sounded snarky
>> originally.  Forgive the sin, but in my reading of the thread it was
>> rather harsh to declare everyone else wrong when there were other steps
>> to be taken to troubleshoot.
> Agreed.  Take a look at Karl's postings over the past week.
> I think a troll's afoot.
    I think your a trouble maker. I DID ask for help. I got some bad and 
some good help. The bad was from you as I recall. Something about a 
Google Search.

    But a few guys said well I have a xyz webcam and it is working fine 
in Ubuntu. I took that advice and solved the problem. If this is how a 
troll works then I am a troll.



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