Linksys WMP54G Wireles Adaptor Wont Work; Or I Don't Know How To

NoOp glgxg at
Fri Feb 8 21:21:39 UTC 2008

On 02/08/2008 10:56 AM, Leonard Chatagnier wrote:
> Thanks, one more question. Did you use the legacy
> drivers marked as such in the modules lib?  How does
> one tell which to use?  Prob a dumb question but I am
> a network dummy, He, He.

>> But I only tested a Linksys WUSB11v2.1 (old usb
>> device), 

Used the drivers from the linksys downloads support page & then used

>> Dynex 802.11g Enhanced Wireless-G Laptop Card
>> (pcmcia card - that popped
>> right in with the 3rd party drivers) 

As soon as I plugged it in, Gutsy automagically asked me if I'd like to
use 3rd party drivers (it's a Broadcom chipset) - I selected the one
from the web, Gutsy downloaded & installed and the card came right up...
with the generic driver, didn't work with the 386 driver. Blew my mind.
So I went out and bought another one for my other son; same easy install.

and a Wireless
>> G Notebook Card
>> (which drove me nuts until I backed down to the
>> generic kernel & used
>> ndiswrapper & ngisgtk)

The last was a Belkin (pcmcia)... I did get it to work, but it was a
pain to get installed and I wasn't happy with it's performance, so I
returned it. My son is using the WUSB11 on his desktop and the Dynex on
his laptop.

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