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David Restall - System Administrator dave at
Fri Feb 8 14:29:12 UTC 2008


Bram Kuijper schrieb am 08.02.2008 13:14:

> Hi all,
> since a couple of days, I have the problem that at a certain random
> moment, my keyboard appears to hang: it starts sending continuous cursor
> input to the stdin and never stops with that. The problem only happens
> with navigational keys, so I get a continuous stream of "up" or "down".
> If I plug out (and replug) the keyboard, this doesn't stop the input. I
> am forced to either reboot Xorg or reboot the whole OS. I would suspect
> if it is the keyboard itself causing the problem, it would stop as soon
> as I plug the keyboard out. However, the input continues when the
> keyboard is plugged out.
> If I look at my Xorg log, I cannot find anything suspicuous pointing me
> at an error: see my Xorg.log on pastebin:
> there are notifications though, of xf86UnbindGARTMemory, unbind key 8,
> but I don't know what this exactly means.
> Anybody any ideas where I should look to find the root of the problem?

I have a similar problem and it's the KVM switch that does it - I solve
the problem by pushing the console switch button on the KVM box then
going back to the correct console using the keyboard key sequence.
Sometimes it's still repeating but the first keystroke when back stops
the repeat.

It's more annoying when you're in the middle of an edit and its the
backspace key that it happens to :-(


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