set up a fax modem as a printer device ( on 7.10)

scott redhowlingwolves at
Thu Feb 7 05:07:27 UTC 2008

Mike McMullin wrote:
> I'm looking for info on how to do the above.  What I've read says to
> edit /etc/printcap which does not exist on the system.  I have not
> configured any printers on this system yet as it is being built by me
> for another party and I don't yet have access to the printer that will
> be used.
>   Mike
How can anyone answer a question if you don't know exactly what drivers 
are needed,or anything else that can be of use.

I have a printer that is fax capable that works with no problem.Well,a 
couple,but it was no big deal.

Be more specific with actual,not probable problems.You'll get more help 
when you have the specifics.


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