Putting an old server to good use

alex mail at nabu.be
Wed Feb 6 20:58:18 UTC 2008

I am not entirely sure what you are trying to imply. Are you saying that 
I should invest in a new ATA drive?

Gerald Dachs wrote:
> Am Wed, 06 Feb 2008 20:57:23 +0100
> schrieb alex <mail at nabu.be>:
>> I have an ancient system (800 MHz) which I was using as a server with 
>> ubuntu gutsy server on it. It also has svn/trac/openvpn/... running
>> on it. It had 2 hard drives, which had the same approximate age as
>> the computer itself, running in RAID1.
>> Now, one of the harddrives has failed, and I'm pretty sure the other
>> one is on the verge of failing as well. Instead of going out and
>> buying new ATA drives (which I think to be a waste, since it's a dead
>> technology)
> And what? Let the new drive with this dead technology die with your
> server, with luck in 6 years. I use a hp e-pc 40 with a 1.2 GHz Celeron
> and an ATA drive as my server for everything, because my NAS has not
> enough power. It works just fine and if the drive would die, I would
> exchange it against another ATA drive. This old technology has not so
> much power consumption than the modern one, and it is quiet. Of course
> you could buy an ATA to S-ATA converter and a S-ATA drive and connect
> it to your server, but I think this is nonsense.
> Gerald

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