Putting an old server to good use

alex mail at nabu.be
Wed Feb 6 19:57:23 UTC 2008

I have an ancient system (800 MHz) which I was using as a server with 
ubuntu gutsy server on it. It also has svn/trac/openvpn/... running on 
it. It had 2 hard drives, which had the same approximate age as the 
computer itself, running in RAID1.

Now, one of the harddrives has failed, and I'm pretty sure the other one 
is on the verge of failing as well. Instead of going out and buying new 
ATA drives (which I think to be a waste, since it's a dead technology), 
I was wondering if there's a more creative way to keep the server in use?

I have a brand new computer on which I work, but I would like to keep 
the server programs like svn/... on a seperate server. I was possibly 
considering making a thin client of the server, but not sure if this a 
good way to go. Does anyone else have any good ideas as to how I can 
keep using the old machine as a server without investing in ATA drives?

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