stupid question: custom kernel-deb for gutsy?!

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Wed Feb 6 19:09:04 UTC 2008

Tom, all;

first off, thanks loads for your messages.

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> Search of this lists archives "kernel" or  "compil" 2007-12  and 2008-01 
> will yield extensive pros - cons and howto.

I will do so, thanks. As for the "cons", it seems I am running out of other options because of [1] along with the fact that the display adapter in said device (SiS 771/671) is not at all supported in hardy and just works with an "unofficial"(?) binary package available for xorg 7.2. :( Certainly don't _want_ to build a custom kernel, that's for sure... Prepackaged and patched 2.6.24 for gutsy, anyone? :/



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