stupid question: custom kernel-deb for gutsy?!

Kristian Rink kristian at
Wed Feb 6 15:22:22 UTC 2008


currently (for reasons I don't want to outline here), I am once again
into building a custom kernel for one of our Ubuntu machines. Haven't
done so in a while, so I searched the web for some explanations on what
is "the ubuntu way" in gutsy to do that. Especially (as this machine is
a notebook), I want to have the bootsplash and all these things right
in place even with a new kernel. 

So far I found:

- ... a bunch of tutorials relying upon make-kpkg, which seems missing
on my system, and "kernel-package" (which obviously is to provide this
very command) is "not found" as well in my gutsy repository.

- ... a bunch of other tutorials relying upon "fakeroot
debian/rules ..." in the kernel tree. Unfortunately, even while
installing linux-source-whatever.deb including "Ubuntu patches", the
debian/ folder is empty. 

So, I am kinda lost. :) Can anyone provide me with an idea how to

(a) get kernel-package / make-kpkg installed on gutsy, or
(b) get meaningful stuff to "debian/" to use this way, or
(c) follow any other way to get a sane, stable kernel?

Thanks and best,

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