OOWriter 2.3

Bart Silverstrim bsilver at chrononomicon.com
Tue Feb 5 19:18:32 UTC 2008

Anthony Gardner wrote:
> While using OOWriter 2.3, clicking on (bold) or using ctl-b, doesn't 
> always work. It's really intermittent and very frustrating. It's the 
> same for italics and underline.
> Example if I have this is some text and then want normal weight, I can't 
> get rid of the bold. And vice-versa.

No solution, but I've had this happen too...I have to hit enter, and on 
the new line un-underline, hit space and type a new word then backspace 
it back up to the previous line so whatever "sticky flag" is keeping the 
underline on isn't there.  Irritating, but not as irritating to me as 
using Word 2007 yet :-)


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