X starting but then quitting on Nvidia

Richard richrock at nerdshack.com
Tue Feb 5 16:41:05 UTC 2008

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Karl Larsen wrote:
>     There has been a long learning curve on the Nvidia video device(s)
> in Linux and it appears the best Linux drivers provided to us are not 
> well tested. In my case I find if there is a splash added to the
> list Nvidia will not start reliably.
>     Of late I have had to boot using the emergency kernel which has no
> splash in the kernel line. That always works. But the normal boot up 
> fails more and more often.
>     So I deleted the splash in the main kernel and now it works fine 
> too.
> Karl

I guess what I'm saying is ... From what I can gather, unless you are a 
gamer, do you really need the Linux Nvidia drivers?

I don't game, so the drivers that Linux used on default seem to work 
just dandy.

Just my .02 worth.


Mine started doing this last night.  I am a gamer, and usually use
Compiz when not gaming (I set it on/off) but doing some web design last
night and X restarted twice in a row after about 5 mins use, just enough
for me to load up firefox and screem. Grrr..


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