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Tue Feb 5 15:48:11 UTC 2008

Uh --  one can get used to the fact that the prompt is different  :-)

David Koski wrote:
> On Monday 04 February 2008 07:31, Derek Broughton wrote:
>> Pete Clapham wrote:
>>> The root account /is/ enabled, but it isn't given a password, so you
>>> can't access it directly.  What you have to do is to sudo passwd root
>>> and enter a password.  Since you've zapped your sudoers file, you
>>> probably can't do that.  Personally, I much prefer to do a su and know
>>> I'm a superuser
>> The point is, that you'd be pretty much unique if, having done "su"
>> you "knew" you were a superuser.  People do that, and then forget...
> I would not call that unique.  There are many distros that have passwords for 
> root by default.  Furthermore, the "advantage" of using sudo diminishes as 
> one gets used to using it and does so without thinking.  I prefer to be 
> mindful about what I am doing using the root account and develop good 
> habbits, much like the habbit of saving changes a file editor that date back 
> to my CP/M days (after loosing too much work).  Yes, I have done "rm -rf" 
> where it recursed to the root directory but I doubt that would have been 
> prevented by sudo.
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> David Koski
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