Install Ubuntu on existing RAID1 LVM partition?

Derek Broughton news at
Mon Feb 4 15:39:55 UTC 2008

Sean Carolan wrote:

>> All the LVM partitions sit on top of a software RAID1 array.  Will the
>> alternate install CD let me use /dev/mapper/raid1-root for my OS,
>> /dev/hdb2 for my boot, and leave the other partitions alone?
> If anyone's interested this experiment did not go well.  Ubuntu was unable
> to re-use the existing partition so I had to wipe them and go with a fresh
> install.  Good thing I keep regular backups.  

IME, Ubuntu never "reuses" a partition.  When I experimented with actually
mounting old partitions I'm sure it told me it was going to nuke them.  

I haven't tried this (and I've never tried Raid), but I think you needed to
do something like:

1) Tell the partitioner to use the LVM volume group and volumes, but _don't_
tell it to mount anything on them
2) Tell it where to mount /
3) Install 
4) after getting the system up, mount all the existing LVM partitions to the
correct places (realizing that if any of them contain paths loaded in (3),
you've just bollixed the whole system :-) )

Of course, it's all moot now.

> At least it didn't nuke my 
> Windows XP partition so I won't have to re-install all my games!


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