what is wine

Philippe Didier pdidier at neptuneconcept.com
Mon Feb 4 03:17:37 UTC 2008

So did I. I created a new user and the problem disappears when I log
>> with this new logon, but this is not a good solution if you have a lot 
>> of datas to transfer from 1 user to the other one. Unfortunately, 
>> something was wrong in my profile but I could not find one.
> Well Philippe,
> you did a little too much, just to have a virginal wine installation. ;-)))
> By default, any users wine directory is ".wine". Now, if you think your 
> wine install is broken, simply delete ".wine" and the next time, you 
> will start "notepad" (or any other windows program with "wine 
> program_name" for that matter), your wine installation will be "straight 
> m the factory", again.
> Unfortunately not, even after a remove wine, --purge, and completely remove the .wine folder.
The problem was somewhere else, but I never find out where, in which 
config file, I think gnome config file. But your idea is the good one, 
unfortunatley not in my case, but yes in many other cases.

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