USB Router Support?

Ed Greshko Ed.Greshko at
Sun Feb 3 03:31:38 UTC 2008

Willis Taylor wrote:
> I have a 2Wire model 1000SW DSL Router.  I have one Windows computer 
> connected via HPNA, This unit connected via CAT5E and my main unit is 
> connected via the USB port.  As long as I fire the main unit up in 
> Windows XP all is well but the very moment I choose to crank it up in 
> Kubuntu 7.10 I loose my router connection.  The mainboard came with 
> onboard LAN and when looking for the Network all I find is eth0, the 
> NIC.  Is there anyway I can force the USB/Network connection?  I really 
> have become disgusted with Windows and want both my test-bed and my main 
> unit on Ubuntu with the KDE Desktop.  I do have a refurbished model 1700 
> 2Wre router but it means reworkin all of my network, including my wifes 
> unit inside the shop building.
> Just so you understand, I am very sick with Recurring MS and the address 
> on the old Router is 172.bla, bla, bla and the mod. 1700 with the five 
> RJ ports is 192. and on.  I get about on a walker so I really am putting 
> off the replacement router install.
> Thanks to all for any and all input.

If I understand you correctly you are trying to use the USB port connected 
from the 2Wire router to you Linux box as your ethernet/router connection 
and it doesn't work.  When the same hardware is booted to XP it works.

If this is the case.....

Doing some research shows that 2Wire has drivers built for Windows an Mac/OS 
but has not built similar drivers (modules) for Linux.  It has been 
suggested that the Windows driver can be used in conjunction with 
NDISwrapper.  However, I could not find anyone that had an entirely 
successful experience and a configuration you could follow.

So, if I have described correctly what you are trying to do your efforts may 
turn out to be futile.

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