Openoffice display

Bart Silverstrim bsilver at
Fri Feb 1 14:56:53 UTC 2008

When I open a writer document, things seem to be working fine.

When I open oocalc, the resulting window is full screen with no border. 
  I can work in the cells and work with menus, but I can't make it 
display as a window.  If I open a dialog box (i.e., print), I have to 
alt-tab to the dialog box because it's hidden in the background.  My 
menus at the top and bottom of the window are hidden as well.

If I rotate the cube to another window, open another application (like 
firefox) and move it to the spreadsheet-covered desktop, it's hidden 
until I alt-tab. Then when FF is displayed I can see my gnome-desktop 
menu bar and application bar at the top and bottom of the display.  Go 
back to the spreadsheet and they are once again hidden in the background.

I renamed my .openoffice.org2 directory in ~, and that didn't seem to 
affect this behavior.

Anyone else see this or know what may be corrupted?

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