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tom tollett tom.tollett at
Wed Dec 31 17:28:48 UTC 2008

i am a new user to ubuntu...My system is asking me for my user name and 
password to boot up the system.  I don't remember putting in my user name or 
password to register although I must have.  Is there a way of retrieving 
them as I have tried all of my usual names and or passwords?


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>Subject: rsync question
>Date: Wed, 31 Dec 2008 11:04:54 -0500
>Given a freshly restored machine that has been out of service for a good
>while, containing a large collection of data files "A", and "B" a in
>service machine thta has a subset of these data files, but has some newer
>files that are ont on "A". How can I invoke rsync such that only the new
>filee are trnasfered from "B" to "A"?
>I am confused by the large number of options to this program.
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