Flickrfs-How To Use?

H.S. hs.samix at
Tue Dec 30 23:13:21 UTC 2008

Leonard Chatagnier wrote:
> --- On Tue, 12/30/08, H.S. <hs.samix at> wrote:
>> called
>> Fileuploader or some such thing. It works with many
>> websites to down/up
>> load files.
>> This is the first time I have heard about flickrfs. Looks
>> interesting
>> though.
>> Regards.
> Hi HS.  thanks for the tip on fileuploader for firefox.  If it
> will work in seamonkey I'll install it.

I doubt if it will work with seamonkey, but I haven't tried that in ages.

> Also see my reply to Matt Flaschen(spelling?) on his tip to get
> it to work for me.  I'm really pleased with the speed that flickrfs
> downloaded all my stored photos.  I'm not sure if
> the resolution is suitable for printing out high quality photos on
> the printer but it sufficient for my needs.  I'd recommend flickrfs
> but there were 3 other programs listed from my google that I haven't
> tried and who knows, they may be better. It's certainly very fast and
> to think, I spent several days already just downloading individual
> photos.

Yup, as I earlier mentioned, definitely a very interesting tool, this



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