Install ubuntu hardy heron on ThinkPad R61i and ThinkPad i1200

Hannah Josephine Dippe hannah at
Mon Dec 29 11:34:23 UTC 2008

Hello out there,

after installing ubuntu hardy heron on my old ThinkPad, it was not possible
to bring up the display to resolution > 800x600. So I installed ubuntu7.04
on the machine - resolution <1024x786> is no problem. Is it possible to
install hardy heron again, and replace xorg.conf with xorg.conf old?
Which steps are needed additional?

Planning to install ubuntu on my new thinkpad too, there are some questions.

The R61i comes out of the box with <ThinkVantage> - function. This
means, that I can choose mighty recoveryfunctions while press the button
during boot-process. The function is written to the mbr and I don't want
to loose it.

Will <grub>, after installing, support and show this mbr-member as choose, 
or will
it override it?

I need MS-Windows, cause I'm trainer for microsoft products. I'm working 
to became the same for unbuntu!

The second option is to install ubuntu under windows using <wibu>. Witch 
will this take to boot-process?

Many thanks for your help or your good ideas.


hannah josephine dippe

P.S.: ThinkPad i1200 is powered by pentiumIII and 198MB RAM.
        ThinkPadR61i is powered by Intel dual core and 2 GB RAM.

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