CD burning problems

Karl F. Larsen klarsen1 at
Sun Dec 28 20:43:53 UTC 2008

Alex Janssen wrote:
> Alex Janssen said the following on 12/21/2008 06:50 PM:
>> I have burned a lot of iso images to CDs this year, but recently I 
>> started getting an error writing CD from gnome.  I used to right-click 
>> an iso file in a Nautilus browser and select burn to disk with no 
>> problems.  Now, nothing will burn.  I tried Brasero and also got an 
>> error.  They both write a directory track to the CD, then quit with an 
>> error.  I'm running 8.04 LTS and a Sony DVD RW DRU-190A.  I've tried 
>> replacing the drive.  Seems to me that some update in the last month or 
>> so, is causing this.
>> Is anyone else having this problem?  Anyone have a solution?
>> Alex
> I take it that nobody else has had this happen.
> Is a reinstall the only suggested solution?
> Alex
    My only suggestion is you might have 2 bad CD devices. I have used 
the Gnome software with zero problems for several years.



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