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Karl F. Larsen klarsen1 at
Sat Dec 27 16:05:08 UTC 2008

Matthew Flaschen wrote:
> Karl F. Larsen wrote:
>>     If you want this user to be able to use another Desktop he must be 
>> given the Group that can use this. You do this with  addgroup as root.
> Wrong.  All addgroup does is add a group with the GID optionally
> specified on the command line.  It does not add users /to/ groups.  As
> the man page says, "The group is created with no users."  To add a user
> to the group, you use usermod as I already said.
>>     Make at least 3 new users with addusr and then just work with these 
>> users. You can login as one of the users and such. Great fun. This all 
>> works well.
> No, it really doesn't, as you would know if you tested.
> Matt Flaschen
    I didn't and do not plan to test. The big problem I see is the 
Ubuntu use of sudo to get root. Any user can do that making users and 
groups not work at all. How do you fix THAT?



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