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Matthew Flaschen matthew.flaschen at
Sat Dec 27 10:55:25 UTC 2008

Brian Astill wrote:
> I've examined "man adduser" "man adduser.conf" and the contents 
> of /etc/adduser.conf /etc/group and /etc/passwd.
> Unfortunately I still can't see how to do what I want to do.  
> <sob>
> A number of users are to use the same machine.  That isn't the 
> problem.
> I want to set up another home directory which all can read (and 
> preferably few can write).  That directory might be owned by 
> root, group allofus.  Seems to me I need to have all my users in 
> group allofus as well as their personal group as part of the 
> setup.  BUT there doesn't seem to be a way of putting a user in 
> more than one group.

Yes, there is.  You can either use the EXTRA_GROUPS method, or do:

usermod -a -G allofus username

after creation.  That will add the user to allofus without affecting
their existing group membership.

Matt Flaschen

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