Change in bios and I cant boot now

Ray Parrish crp at
Fri Dec 26 02:52:09 UTC 2008


You need to open the computer case, [observe anti-static precautions 
<>] locate the "reset 
CMOS" Jumper pins. There should be three pins in the group, with a 
jumper currently on pins one and pin two, remove the jumper, and short 
pins two and three with the jumper for a few seconds. Now move it back 
to pin one and two, and your BIOS settings will be at their defaults.

Close the case, and boot up and you should be in good shape.

Merry Christmas!

Later, Ray Parrish

Wade Smart wrote:
> 20081225 2029 GMT-5
> I got my son a graphics card and maxed out his ram at 4gb for Christmas.
> We wiped his hd clean and then went to duel boot xp and ubuntu.
> Everything was great until we booted into the bios and he made a change:
>   VGA Memory > 64mb to 0mb.  He thought since the card had 1gb of ram
> that he could recover that 64mb. Well, when the computer starts, the
> screen lights up with the manufacturer logo and then displays "no signal".
> How can you recover from a bios mistake?
> Wade

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