Ubuntu live cd display question

Derek Broughton derek at pointerstop.ca
Wed Dec 24 21:08:40 UTC 2008

Karl F. Larsen wrote:

> Rashkae wrote:
>> Derek Broughton wrote:
>>> Huh?  Why would you even expect Mark to know the answer?  That's like
>>> suggesting somebody contact Linux Torvalds about a kernel driver
>>> problem.
>>>> If you write here, you will have just a bunch of guys who once
>>>> electricuted themselves fixing power plug extension and thought they
>>>> were jedi masters of electronic world ever since (hail our mascott Karl
>>>> Larsen!).
>     How did I get mentioned in this thread?

It was just a mean spirited and unwarranted attack.  It would have been nice 
if you'd actually included the attribution to the person who wrote it.  
Rashkae and I have both been known to be hard on you, but I don't think 
either of us have attacked you out of the blue like that.

>     I have not until now said a
> thing. Now I am not sure the title is right. The original person says
> his live CD has a display problem.  Then he goes on to say very little
> that makes much sense.

No, he says he has a "question", not a problem.  And his question is "how, 
technically, is a splash screen [I think] displayed".  To which I think the 
answer Florian gave: "using the Linux kernel's frame buffer API" is the best 
response we can provide at the moment.

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