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2008/12/22 Scott <sclewin at>

> Johnny Rosenberg wrote:
> > Why do you need two of them? Have you tried the new TAB feature? It
> > should eliminate the need for two Nautilus windows in many cases, I'd
> guess.
> > J.R.
> I really don't like blindly moving files.  With tabs you don't actually
> see the file move.  Also, if I had many tabs open it would be too easy
> to place the file in the wrong tab and end up with the problem of
> finding out where my files went.  This is even worsre for me as many of
> my tabs would be remote computers on FTP.
> Tabs is a nice feature for clicking back and forth from folders, but I
> am suprised people use it to move files.

Works for me. Maybe people are different from each other… ;P
In Nautilus, the tab to which you copy a file will open automatically, so
you know where the file landed. You just have to remember where the file
came from, which maybe isn't that important or even hard to remember.
But maybe there is hope for you, because now when they added that TAB thing,
maybe the step isn't too big to also make it possible to arrange tabs,
showing them side by side etc? That would be what you are asking for, right?
Maybe someone should write to their bug reporting place and suggest that
feature? Or search for an already existing suggestion.
As a user you actually CAN make things happen. The developers need to know
what people want. If not, they will probably think that everything is
perfect and go on in the same footsteps… That isn't developing, is it?

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