Problem: configuration of video, sound, networking, etc; on a new kernel.

Jose Rodriguez joheiker at
Fri Dec 19 15:22:41 UTC 2008

Hello everyone! This is my 1st mail that i send to the list. I hope i get to
help others and receive help as well.
By saying that, here is my problem: i have installed Ubuntu 8.04 under
kernel I downloaded kernel, compiled and runned Ubuntu
with it, but somehow i have problems with the drivers of video, sound,
wireless card, etc; the network driver seems to be working b/c when i
plugged in the eth cable it got connected right away. Anyhow, how can i
configure or installed those drivers? I try to use Synaptic to download
Nvidia's tool, like i did on the other kernel, so i can manage and configure
my video settings but it didnt work. It doesnt recognize that i have an
nvidia card. So, as you can see i need some help. I havent use Ubuntu or
Linux that much, that's why i seem kind of lost on this subject. I dont know
why it works with one kernel but with this it doesnt. :(

Thanxs everyone

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