How do I dial using external modem

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Dear NoOp --
I have valued your input on a number of issues in which you have supplied the definitive answers to a question.  However, to the best of my knowledge, I am asking a question for the first time and in no way hijacked somebody else's thread.  I DO  have an eeePC, and I very much want to use Ubuntu as its operating system.  (I use Ubuntu for several other systems, and I really like it).  I DO have an external modem, I have configured it in "network", and I would like to make it work.  I would very much like to find out how to dial the ISP using it.  I look forward to responses, and I would especially value yours.

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On 12/18/2008 07:07 PM, Pete Clapham wrote:
> Hi, all --I have an eeePC, and I want to access the Internet using an
external modem.  I can go to "network" and configure the modem, but I
can't dial the ISP.  Can anybody tell me where the button is to
"dial"?   Alternatively, if dialing is automatic (doesn't seem
likely), wheredoes the external modem attach?  Do I need to do a mount to
/dev/modem?And if so, what am I mounting? Thanks.cheers,,pete 

Don't know. But your question has nothing to do with the subject of this
thread "How do I dial using external modem". Perhaps if you don't
someone else's thread and start a new one, someone will reply.

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