Swapping partitions WAS: Please help new hard drive install

Leonard Chatagnier lenc5570 at sbcglobal.net
Thu Dec 18 07:08:27 UTC 2008

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> Subject: Swapping partitions WAS: Please help new hard drive install
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> Date: Thursday, December 18, 2008, 12:09 AM
> OK, I am a bit lost.
> I have 2 copies of my partitions one on drive sda (old one)
> and one on sdb
> the new one. I want to change my root partition to be the
> one on the new
> drive but both must be labeled / right? Also there is no
> uuid for the new
> partition, as best as I can tell because it is not mounted,
> so how do I get
> the id? I could use a label / but then how would it know
> which one to use?
> Anyway, as I said, I am lost!
> Thanks for all the help so far.
> sba7 is the old one
> sdb6 is the new one, if that helps any.
> Thanks all!
Hello Doug,

I don't know or if others know just what you're getting at.
Let me see if I can get you started so someone more expert
than I may help. You have 2 drives on the machine and you 
want your root / on the second drive. Do you have an OS
installed on the 2nd drive or at least a file system? You 
can't just go assigning a "/" directory on a partition
that I know of; installing an operating system such as
using and alternate or live CD will do it and perhaps if
you partition the sdb drive and assign a file system, ext3,
there may be a way to give it a "/" directory, but I don't
know; just a thought. if it could be done, you'd probably 
have to copy your / dir from sda1 to sdb1 and tell your
OS where to look for the new /.  So, why don't you tell the list just
why you want to do this, exactly what you did to partition
and setup the sdb drive and anything else related you might
think of. It's certainly simpler to have the OS on one drive. 
Leonard Chatagnier
lenc5570 at sbcglobal.net

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