Swapping partitions WAS: Please help new hard drive install

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> > OK, I am a bit lost.
> > I have 2 copies of my partitions one on drive sda (old one)
> > and one on sdb
> > the new one. I want to change my root partition to be the
> > one on the new
> > drive but both must be labeled / right? Also there is no
> > uuid for the new
> > partition, as best as I can tell because it is not mounted,
> > so how do I get
> > the id? I could use a label / but then how would it know
> > which one to use?
> > Anyway, as I said, I am lost!
> > Thanks for all the help so far.
> >
> > sba7 is the old one
> >
> > sdb6 is the new one, if that helps any.
> >
> > Thanks all!
> >
> Hello Doug,
> I don't know or if others know just what you're getting at.
> Let me see if I can get you started so someone more expert
> than I may help. You have 2 drives on the machine and you
> want your root / on the second drive. Do you have an OS
> installed on the 2nd drive or at least a file system? You
> can't just go assigning a "/" directory on a partition
> that I know of; installing an operating system such as
> using and alternate or live CD will do it and perhaps if
> you partition the sdb drive and assign a file system, ext3,
> there may be a way to give it a "/" directory, but I don't
> know; just a thought. if it could be done, you'd probably
> have to copy your / dir from sda1 to sdb1 and tell your
> OS where to look for the new /.  So, why don't you tell the list just
> why you want to do this, exactly what you did to partition
> and setup the sdb drive and anything else related you might
> think of. It's certainly simpler to have the OS on one drive.
> Leonard Chatagnier
> lenc5570 at sbcglobal.net

Thanks for the reply, sorry if that was not clear.

I have 2 drives that are copies of each other. They both have a fully
working linux on them. The full system is running off of sda and I want to
make fstab now use sdb but just for the root partition. Perhaps looking at
the first part of the thread would help.

Douglas E Knapp

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