Install problems with Partition Window

Lucio M Nicolosi lmnicolosi at
Wed Dec 17 00:35:58 UTC 2008

L Paz wrote:
> On with the continuing saga, I guess. I booted up from the Alternate 
> CD, as Charlie suggested, and when I try to install, I get to a screen 
> that says No Disks selected. if you know the driver you need , select 
> it from the following list:
> then there, is a long list of drivers to choose from.
> So, I guess my question is, if I go into Grub and choose the 2.6.22-16 
> generic kernel to boot into, is there a command I can use that will 
> tell me what the hard drive driver is that currently is being used?
> Thanks again for all your assistance with this!
L. Paz,

Just guessing, but sometimes hardware is not fully supported.

Please read the following article and check if it applies to your system.

My system only recognizes SATA disks if BIOS is set to AHCI and Grub 
starts with the parameter "pci=nomsi".



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