Install problems with Partition Window

Rashkae ubuntu at
Tue Dec 16 19:51:57 UTC 2008

L Paz wrote:
> On with the continuing saga, I guess. I booted up from the Alternate CD, as Charlie suggested, and when I try to install, I get to a screen that says No Disks selected. if you know the driver you need , select it from the following list:
> then there, is a long list of drivers to choose from.
> So, I guess my question is, if I go into Grub and choose the 2.6.22-16 generic kernel to boot into, is there a command I can use that will tell me what the hard drive driver is that currently is being used?
> Thanks again for all your assistance with this!

Try the Device manager..  On my system, in can be found in System ->
Preferences -> Hardware Information

(Why Preferences and not Administration?  I haven't a clue.)

You should be able to find your hard drive in the long list, and
collapse the tree until you see the controller device.  There should
also be an advanced tab for this device that tells you which "Linux
Driver" is being used.

However, unless you are trying to track this bug down for the kernel
devs, it's probably more productive to find out what you need to do to
get the default hardy kernel to auto-detect your system.

Some ideas you might pursue., at least to narrow down problem suspects:

Make sure your hard drive is the only device on the IDE cable.
Sometimes the CD-ROM is plugged in to the same cable as the Hard drive.
 Where possible, each device should be on it's own channel/cable.

If you must have 2 devices on an IDE cable, jumper them for
Master/Slave, rather than relying on Cable Select.

If you have only 1 device on the hard drive ribbon, verify that it is
jumpered correctly.  Some Hard drives have different jumper
configurations for master when a slave is present and single drive.

In the Bios, disable RAID (if you have  a raid chip function on your
mobo)  (Note: this might be a bad idea if you really are using multiple
hard drives in a raid configuration)

And finally, or maybe this should be firstly, since you already have a
working system and don't need to install from scratch (or, at least, we
know installing from scratch won't resolve this issue.), be sure to test
my idea of updating the Hardy kernel and see if the newer kernels
already fix this.  There's no much point chasing your tail trying to fix
something that was already fixed last year.

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