Speeding up the boot process

Derek Broughton news at pointerstop.ca
Mon Dec 15 14:07:12 UTC 2008

Steve Flynn wrote:

> Whilst sitting on the train yesterday, bored, I was digging around in
> the boot-up scripts. I admit it - I have no life.

Really?  Seems like a normal sort of life to me :-)

> On a whim, and not knowing if the default scripts as set up by Ubuntu
> had indeed been labeled so that concurrent scripts were indeed using
> the same sequence number, I made the change to
> and restarted the machine. The result was a machine which came up in
> about half the time it normally does (if you boot with noquiet and an
> nosplash you'll see the scripts being started concurrently).

I've seen at least one similar report here (or maybe the kubuntu list) - 
I rarely boot, so I can't confirm, though I did make the change myself.  
Anyway, it doesn't hurt to occasionally bring this to the attention of 
others.  Obviously, nobody's making a habit of telling everybody they've 
found this great new tool.

> You can also squeeze a little more speed out of the startup-sequence
> by booting with a kernel parameter of "profile" tagged onto your
> kernel options. This will rebuild the look-ahead cache from the
> default supplied by the Ubuntu installation to one which is more
> suitable for your specific machine with your specific boot
> requirements. You need only do this once.
> I knew about the "profile" option from previous reading but I admit
> I'd forgotten all about it.

Um.  Yes.  Me too :-)

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