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Rashkae <rashkae at>  said:

> I guess what I'm looking from, roughly, is something like the Used
> memory - Cache (from free) + Used Swap - Swapcashed
> (from /proc/meminfo)
> I could get all that info from /proc/meminfo,, of course, but then you
> have to subtract to find Used Memory and Used swap.
> I find it interesting to comapre that with the Commited_AS value,, for
> example, assuming I have the above formula right, my system now is
> "using" 1.3 GB of memory, but applications have committed total of
> 1.78)
> I guess I'll just have to write myself a little perl script to parse
> meminfo for what I'm looking for.. should be fun.
Would this information help you if presented in a side monitor?
Used and Free
The used and free memory here are calculated from the kernel reported
used and free by subtracting or adding the buffers and cache memory.
See the README and compare to the "-/+ buffers/cache:" line from the
free command.  If you show three memory krells, the kernel "raw free" is
the space after the rightmost krell.

Chart Labels
Substitution variables for the format string for chart labels:
	$M    maximum chart value
	$T    total swap in blocks + swap out blocks
	$i    swap in blocks
	$o    swap out blocks

Panel Labels
Substitution variables for the format string for the Mem and Swap
panels (a MiB is a binary megabyte - 2^20):
For memory and swap:
	$t    total MiB
	$u    used MiB
	$f    free MiB
	$U    used %
	$F    free %
	$l    the panel label
For memory only:
	$s    shared MiB
	$b    buffered MiB
	$c    cached MiB

The free and used variables may have a 'r' qualifier for printing
raw free and raw used values.  For example: $fr for raw free.

Substitution variables may be used in alert commands.

If so, it is the description of the memory meter part of GKrellM.

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