Cant get any ubuntu version/type to boot to the installer or livecd properly

Karl F. Larsen klarsen1 at
Fri Dec 12 19:10:57 UTC 2008

Michael Varre wrote:
> I have a beautiful new HP EliteBook 8530p which I'm trying to get ubuntu
> installed onto.  Currently runs Vista x64 (this shouldnt really matter
> though). I cant seem to get any version of Ubuntu to boot into the disc
> correctly.  the disks ARE getting burned properly and have no errors.
> I've tried various flavors here to see if any of them work and im having no
> luck.
> Ubuntu 8.10 amd64 & 32bit Desktop Alternate – gets me to the screen where I
> choose the language and I choose install ubuntu.  Gives the progress bar
> where it loads the installer and all that stuff then brings me to a blinking
> cursor on a black screen.  It stays like this indefinitely.
> Kubuntu 8.10 32bit – choose INSTALL and "bug: soft lockup.  CPU#1 stuck for
> 11s.  Modeprobe:1040
> Ubuntu 8.04 32bit Server – choose INSTALL and "bug: soft lockup.  CPU#1
> stuck for 11s.  Modeprobe:1040
> The strange thing is at one point a few days ago I was able to boot the
> amd64 one into the livecd.  The only thing that's change since then is a put
> a new drive in the laptop.  But I've put the old one back in to see if I can
> again boot into the live cd, and no go.  No bios changes have been made.  Im
> lost. Please help.
    You help! Can you get a liveCD to come up so you can use it???? 
Doesn't matter what one.

    If so on the liveCD open a terminal and type lspci and tell us what 
video driver your laptop has.



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