Install ubuntu next to Windows?

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Hi Elmo

You can dual boot the pc, no need for another drive. ubuntu can partition the drive outomaticly. jyst make sur there is enough disk space.

Boot of the disc, and start to install ubuntu, it's very simple 7 steps to be exact.
one of the steps is the disc partition, it'll give you a view options the first is to partition disc one into 2 parts, a 50%
partition. then wait for it to partition and scan the disc, depending on system recources, it may tak 2 to 5 min. Note if not carefull and only sometimes the partition is not succsessfull there might be data loss, so be carefull about dual booting ubuntu. it doesnt happen often but it does happen


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  I've been asked to install ubuntu in a computer 
  that has a single hard drive and I'm not sure how to
  start.   I know it preferrable to have 
  a separate hard drive but am not sure if installing in  a separate 
  on the single hard drive that already  has 
  Windows  will do the trick.  There's plenty of room on 
  single HD for another partition or 
  two.  An external HD is not an option.
  What are the chances for success?.

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  I just  went ahead and tried it..  
  Ubuntu 8.10 is installed in a partition next to the Windows partition on 
  that computer and it works fine.
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