Another networking problem

Derek Broughton news at
Thu Dec 11 20:35:32 UTC 2008

John French wrote:

> Mark Haney wrote :

>> I'd certainly say the problem is name resolution. What I"m curious
>> about
>> is how the Windows machines can ping by name?  Is it able to ping by
>> FQDN?  Or by just hostname? What does /etc/resolv.conf say?
> [snip]
> That's fascinating !  I had been pinging from Windows with just the
> hostname (E50, etc.), and that worked. If I use the FQDN, it goes off
> to

I may be off-base, as I missed most of this discussion, but doesn't 
windows try NetBIOS name lookups first - so if the destination is either 
a windows machine or a linux machine running Samba, it may be found even 
when DNS isn't working

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